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Valedictorians reach top together

As the school year wraps up, seniors Nini Tran and Angelica Garcia are eagerly waiting to be announced as the 2017 Valedictorians. Although Garcia and Tran didn’t set out to become valedictorians as freshmen, they took on the challenge during sophomore year. Both seniors meet the standards of being a Valedictorian by tying for the highest grade point average (GPA), which is a 4.8. “I don’t…

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Landom Pham

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Humans of Spring Valley

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    FASHION SHOWCASE DAY 2: Jocelyn Bunchongparu
    Left Outfit: Express Top: $40 Forever 21 Jacket: $40 Hollister Pants: $25 Air Force 1: $90 Total: $195 Right Outfit: Fo
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    FASHION SHOWCASE DAY 1: Junarl Garcia & Lamson Vu
    Junarl Garcia’s Fit: Elongated White Tee: $20 – $25 Blue Flannel: $30 – $40 Adidas Sweatpants: $50 Tri
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    Feliks Hakobyan
    “Think of every single friend you have, and then imagine them as parts to a car, if they can’t put in the wo
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    Shahbod Vesi
    ” I asked god for a pair of yeezys but I know it doesn’t work that way, so I bought a fake pair and asked go
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    Kolby Lawson and Joshua Insorio
    “Since my fingers don’t go through the toilet paper anymore, it’s more durable when duty calls.” -Joshua
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    Jacob Karp
    “I think all the new teams we are getting are good for the economy stimulating merchandise and getting more touris

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